Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Vintage LACES and WALLPAPER Writer's Journal

 I really love this book. It was such a tactile pleasure to create her!  The wraparound lace collaged cover, secures with a vintage Mother of Pearl button and Sari silk tie.  Measures approximately 7" x 10", two big signatures.  Created with mostly vintage wallpapers.  I created the lined journaling pages, placing the lines over a lightened wallpaper design....four designs created 80 pages to journal on...printed on smooth 32# presentation paper.  Note: most of these wallpapers came from FABMO, a local non-profit organization. FABMO recycles discontinued and vintage wallpapers...keeping them out of the landfill! Some of the wallpapers are very old..antique? but VERY FRAGILE!  The laces are mostly vintage, from my (extensive) stash!

Scroll through the 55 photos, I'll tell you more!

Here is the journal herself, plus a stack of wallpaper envelopes STUFFED tags, ephemera, extra wallpaper goodies. Tied with 4 yards of dyed crinkle ribbon.

The back side. Notice all the beautiful laces! Many handmade. Most are vintage.
Opened with the wraparound on the right.
Inside the front cover. Pocket on the right, page on right for you to design.
Next spread...large wallpaper pocket on left, journaling pages, then the bird peeking out the next spread.
Here are her birdie friends...covered paperclip, and large journaling card.

Left: covered paperclip.  Right: bellyband and decorated envelope. The green is from a VERY OLD roll of vintage paper.  Very fragile!
Left large circular wallpaper tuck spot.  Right: bellyband.
Left: tuck spot with a few tags. Right: Belly Band
This is the flip out page. Left: two sets of pockets and a few tags. Center: pockets filled with laced tags. Right: belly band.
Left: Belly band with decorative envelope. Right: textured sculpted wallpaper pocket.
Left: more beautifully lined journaling pages. Right: lace pocket.

Left: large lace pocket. Right Wallpaper for your to embellish.
Left: Amazing lace trim and a beautiful slightly textured wallpaper, wish I had more!
Left: journaling pages. Right: wallpaper collage tuck.
Center of book...you can see the high quality of this beautiful wallpaper! Right side is quite sparkly.

Left: wallpaper wraparound envelope. Right: a peachy style wallpaper for journaling.
left: writing pages. Right cute wallpaper envelope for tags.
Left: textured wallpaper with collaged tuck spot. Right: another sample of writing pages.

Pockets on both sides of center.

I love making these little envelopes. They don't actually open, but here they serve as a tuck spot.

Left: wallpaper collaged tuck spot. Right: The only other piece of the beautiful sculpted wallpaper.
Ready for you to embellish.

Stack of wallpaper envelopes, all stuffed with goodies! Tied with 4' of dyed crinkle seam binding.

These are adorable little envelopes, all of the same style, all stuffed with goodies for you to use.
I think they are so cute! One of them has some extra stamp stickers.
This is a really interesting style of wallpaper!  (How would you ever keep it clean!) Here, I made a little envelope, stuffed with more goodies.
A longer envelope, with long tags.

Another collaged envelope.
Stuffed with a few wallpaper collaged tags.
Another interesting wallpaper envelope, trimmed with crochet lace.
With four unfinished wallpaper collaged tags. Ready for your creativity.
So cute from the back side.
Over-stuffed with many pieces of antique wallpaper collages.
Wallpaper envelope...

Biggest wallpaper envelope, trimmed with lace.  Sparkles!

Vintage LACES and WALLPAPER Writer's Journal

 I really love this book. It was such a tactile pleasure to create her!  The wraparound lace collaged cover, secures with a vintage Mother o...