Thursday, March 29, 2018

Two new Snippet Rolls

I absolutely LOVE creating these sweet snippet rolls.

This first one is actually to be cut up and used in your art work, mixed media collage, etc. 36" long and 3-4" wide....

 This next one is decorated and ready to hang....

Monday, March 26, 2018

Ooo La La.... Naughty Dancers!

I made one of these books a year or so ago and I decided to create another one. The Ziegfeld Follies was on Broadway in New York from 1907 to much fun to memorialize here!

Book measures 10" x 7" and 4" thick. All images of Ziegfeld Dancers are printed on fine cotton.

Lots of pictures, and I'll try to describe the vintage laces and trims...
 Lots and lots of vintage wedding laces, appliqués and trims. I used three different wedding dresses in this book.

 On the left page below, I used a bunched ANTIQUE - 100 years old~ beaded netting. The netting is falling apart, but lent itself to being 'bunched'...The glass bead fringe was part of the same ensemble.
The brooch in the middle of the vintage lace flower is an antique piece of jewelry!
On the right side, you see layers and layers of vintage trims as well as several hand-dyed pieces of wedding lace with pearls.

 Lots of vintage laces here... plus some hand painted Venise Lace appliqués.
 A closer look...
 Note the finely, hand tatted trims on the right side... these are SO DELICATE! Probably Antique.

 This is the last two-page spread. The right side is a pocket, made from two different wedding dresses, plus lots of hand-dyed Venise Lace.

 Can you see the sweet blue cut glass fringe?

 Here is the back side. Created with a vintage table-top doily cut down to size, and a beautiful heart cut out from an amazing Swiss runner.
 The spine... measures 4" thick!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Gratitude Journal....

Well, I just completed a huge fabric and lace GRATITUDE JOURNAL.... this one is filled with beautiful vintage and antique laces, as well as some hand painted Venise laces and appliqués. You'll find 14 double sided tags to use as journaling spots, on both sides! Also included are two floral pockets also with matching journaling cards. AND.... a sweet little journal. Each page of this journal was designed using Photoshop Elements to provide lined pages and vintage images somewhat faded into the background.

The book measures 12" x 8", and is about 4" thick!

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I'll tell you about each photo...

The fabric on the front and back covers is rich with roses, designer fabric. The lace trim around the top, sides, and bottom all all very nice vintage laces from my collection. The flower bloom is made with layers of gathered vintage laces, some wedding dress satin, with a sweet rhinestone and pearl brooch in the center. The shabby chic bow under the flower is made with coffee dyed crinkled seam binding, and some vintage lace trim...oh, and a few tiny pearls peeking out here and there. The roses surround the cover are all hand painted Venise lace roses. It felt like it finished off the cover nicely.
 I especially love this picture. The rose looks like it extends off the page! You can also see the beautiful layers of vintage laces on the flower.
 I've had just about 12" of this intense crochet lace for a few years. It's always pleased me just to look and handle it. But, it's time to actually use it! So here it is.
 This is the first two page spread with layers of vintage laces, a pocket filled with tags.
 Here's a closeup of the detail... The pocket is sewn from silk, with a designer weight leaf appliquéd on it. The dainty white cotton lace is from a vintage Christening gown.

This is the second inside two page spread. I gathered a delicate blue silk, then dyed the vintage wedding dress buttons to almost match the silk. There is more vintage silk behind the pictures, plus more vintage lace trim on the bottom. The 'It's in Your Hands' photo is actually an angle painting I did a few years ago. I love the image and have made greeting cards from well as occasionally reprinting it on fabric in some of my lacy creations.
 This spread features two of the journaling pages before I resized them for the little journal you'll see in a bit. Printed on card stock. The two larger lace and pearl appliqués are from a vintage 1980's wedding dress, and the two smaller lace appliqués are from a 1950's wedding dress.
 This spread provides two 'tuck' spots. The one on the left secures the little journal, and the one on the right, made from the 1980's wedding dress holds a number of journaling tags.
 Here's a quick view of the journal. More pictures of the interior are further down this post.
 With some of the two sided journaling tags.
 These two pages also hold journaling tags. Lots of vintage laces here too. The little flower on the upper right is made with two vintage laces, and the center is an antique earring!
 Here's what the pages look like without the tags. I finally gave up the sweet little doily you see on the right side. Have had that one for years in my collection...
 I want you to see unclose the amazing vintage laces and this sweet little doily someone crochet many many years ago.

Here is a peek at some of the journaling tags.
 And now... a peek at the inside pages of the journal...
 I hope they are inspiring beautiful thoughts of gratitude.
 I could just float with the angels...

 A closeup of the tuck spot...layers of vintage laces and the light pink trim on the left is hand painted Venise lace. You can catch a glimpse of the little journal cover on the right. The rose appliqué is also hand painted.
 More tags... Also, take note of the Antique silk on the right page...again, this has been in my collection for years...I had mixed feelings about finally using it! The white trim on the right, and another peeking out on the lower left.  They are both from two different vintage Christening gowns.
 And finally, the simple but sweet back side.
I hope you enjoyed my narrative about creating this book. I'd LOVE to hear your impressions.
Thank you, and Sweet Blessings!

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