Sunday, June 14, 2020

Two more ANGELIC Journals

Write your dreams, journal your thoughts, write down powerful quotes! So many ways to use these reusable covered journals!

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Newest covered journals...

Going with Shabby Chic here.... the following are three recently created journals. Each one covers the ordinary Composition Book. I've been using this style to twice daily journal. Perfect for your gratitude journaling, prayer book, or even wedding journal or guest book!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Wedding Keepsake Album

This was a wonderful book/album to make! Filled with pockets to hold your wedding photos and memories. Measures 11" tall, 8" wide, 4" thick. Perfect to use as a ring bearer pillow. Several lined notebooks inside, perfect to record guest lists or your gifts, shower and/or wedding!

Laces from vintage wedding dresses make the central flower. Very old/vintage ribbons are perfect to tie on your wedding rings if used as a ring bearer pillow.Under the ribbons and flower, is an exquisite pearl appliqué, gently removed from a vintage wedding dress. The other laces are Venise Lace trims.
 Under the cover embellishments is beautiful satin dress fabric with  an overlay of wedding veil tule.
 Close up of the many different wedding dress laces used to create the focus flower.
 Inside the front cover, first double spread....
A slide in pocket on the left and pocket on the right.
 Left pocket is adorned with a beautiful wedding dress appliqué. Note the satin and lace flower.
 On the right side you can see lace from a 60 year old dress, plus other laces from vintage dresses.
 An envelope for you to fill... and the first of one of the 'lists' books. Plenty of pages to make notes, record gifts, count guests!
 This next spread is made with dresses and laces that are more ecru in color. Very delicate! The photo on the left is printed on high quality cotton and embellished with vintage wedding veil tule. The right side uses the satin covered buttons as a bellyband and pocket.
 I love these laces!
 There are actually two pockets on the right side.
 On the left you see a 'bookmark' folder with spaces to write/journal in. On the right is a tiny envelope with a few tag embellishments.
 The next spread has a belly band on the left and a pocket on the right.
 It's hard to see, but there is a beautiful dangle lace from the bodice of a vintage dress.
 Several different wedding dress veils under the photo.
 On the left, a larger journal for your thoughts. On the right a triple fold out pocket with tags.
 Inside the journal...lots of beautiful wedding-like lined papers. Also a pocket with tags.
 Next spread....
 The photo was digitally collaged so the bride is showing through beyond the peacocks.
 Right side has a deep pocket with a large envelope for you to fill.
 Little envelope with a little journal with graph pages. Right side, closeup of the envelope.
 Next spread features the satin and several appliqués from a 1990's cousin's wedding dress.
 Left pocket holds another tall/skinny list journal.
 Right side includes more veil, appliqué, and Venise laces.
 Closeup of the lists journal and two more tiny envelopes.
 This spread has a bellyband on the left and a lacy pocket on the right.
 Left side, larger journal to make notes in.
 Right side has a pocket envelope adorned with a lacy flower.
 Inside the journal...decorated lined pages plus a pocket.
 I love this textured wedding paper that created this envelope.
 The pocket envelope is perfect for those tiny gift cards. This one has several tags and a tiny journal.
 Last two page spread... created with beautiful wedding dress satin and several appliqués.
 This appliqué was carefully detached from a beautiful wedding dress. The flowers on the lower left are Mulberry Paper flowers (not really old, but I thought they looked great).
 Right side is actually TWO pockets to fill!
 Simple fold out folder on the left. On the right, several blank wedding tags, plus another envelope for you to fill.
 On the back side... you can better see the beautiful satin and the veil tule.

Thanks for looking! I'd love any comments!


Both the journal and treasure box are listed as one item.  Find it on my Etsy HERE . Here are my Youtube videos showing each and every jour...