Thursday, May 16, 2019

Two sweet books now listed in my Etsy shop....

Earth Journal.....This is a sweet little book to journal your thoughts. I call it an Earth Journal... because of the earthy colors from the batik fabrics and many pieces of Kantha quilt.

Features four thick signatures, making 16 pages of pockets and tuck spots. Comes with more than 16 journaling tags and little booklets.

Measures 5"x6" and is almost 4" thick. 

This next one is a fun Christmas themed book.
I love these vintage French postcard prints! All printed on high quality cotton. 

This book is thick! Tied with a shabby ribbon of cheese cloth...each page hosts layer upon layer of 'snowy' fabrics! Big pocket on the last page to tuck in your holiday memories.

Book measures 7x9" and is 4" thick!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Another sweet Kantha cloth purse...

Welcome friends.... here's my latest Kantha cloth purse currently being listed in my Etsy Shop.  

Sweet bag measures approximately 9" wide by 10" long. Created by collaging fabrics from five different Vintage Kantha quilts! 

What is Kantha? The Kantha quilt originated in Bangladesh and the easter states of India, where women stitch together layer upon layer of old saris to up-cycle the mostly colorful fabrics into fun quilts. As a crafter, I cut these quilts into manageable sizes to create these stylish bohemian bags, totes, and/or purses.

Lots of fun colors...and this bag will go with just about everything! Nice long 50" strap is perfect for your cross-body ease. This sturdy strap is two colors of vintage gimp trim sewn together with a decorative stitch. 

Fully lined, it also has a 4x6" interior pocket.

Squared Wallpaper Junk Journal with LOTS of journaling pages!

Wallpaper Journal measures approximately 7x7", three signatures, 16 pages each (48 total), 8 wallpaper envelopes stuffed with wallpaper...