Friday, May 22, 2020

Treasury Journal....

Here is a look into my latest 'NOT a Junk Journal' Jane Austen Themed

Book measures 6"x8" and is a chunky 3" thick
Three signatures, hand sewn binding, over 70 tags or journalling spots.
You'll find 46 blank pages to write upon. Since I am an avid journal writer, with over 60 years of daily writing, I appreciate writing on 'good' paper. So, while the writing papers look tea/coffee stained, they are printed on high quality HP 32# Premium paper. 
You'll also find five spreads from the 'Jane Austen, Illustrated Treasury' book. 
You'll find many snippets from same book.

Relax and enjoy... comments will appear on the top of each photo.

Here is the front of the journal. Tied with a sweet lace ribbon. Metal book corners.
 A few laces peeking out the bottom.
 From the side... would look lovely on a dresser.
 From the top, more laces peeking.
 Another view of the closed book.
 Cover is up cycled designer upholstery fabric.
 The spine features the textural flower.
 Inside the first spread....Several pockets and tuck spots.
 View of the journaling cards.
 Next spread features more tuck spots, and the first page of journaling pages. Please note that this is NOT tea/coffee stained. The lined papers have been printed on Premium paper.
 Next spread...note the pull out from the Illustrated Treasury. Interesting reading!
 Here you can see the opened pullout. Note the cute envelope on the right.
 Next spread...more tags, tuck spots, and journaling pages.
 The blue paper is a sewn in envelope.
 This is the little journaling book created with book pages.
 Next spread...tuck spots and a flip out....
 The flip out with journaling spots and more tuck spots.
 Tuck spots, envelope...
 Special envelope inside the blue envelope.
 Another spread, deeper tuck spot and fold out on the right.
 Sweet envelope...
 Closeup of envelope...journal tags enclosed.
 More tuck spots. Also note how every page has been bound with fabric and/or paper.
 More...belly band, envelope on the right, and a glassine envelope taken from the Treasury book.
 A peek inside the glassine envelope contents. Red tag explains the contents.
 Back side of the glassine envelope, plus tuck spot.
 Back side of fold out plus tuck spots on right.
 Several pockets sporting more journaling tags/cards.
 The left side is both a flip open, with a pocket underneath.
 This spread shows more tuck spots and journaling tags, and another glassine envelope from the Treasury book.
 This pocket contains an interesting snippet from the Treasury book.
 Another spread.
 Tuck spots with 'library' card to journal on. (back side)
 Pocket filled with journaling cards. Note the 'ghost' pocket on the pull out card. (Two layers of the same picture, with parts of the top card torn away to form the pocket. Inking the torn edges gives an vintage look.)
 This is a flip open bookmark with journaling spots and three bookmarks to journal on (back side).
 The bookmark 'case'.
 Tuck spots, journal tags, writing paper. (Remember the fine quality of the journaling paper.)
 Pockets, tags, tuck spots.
 LOTS of opportunity on the left side, to tuck in tags, sayings, etc. Card on the right side flips open.
 Under the flip out on the right. A belly band containing an interesting journal opportunity.
 This is another journaling opportunity. Cute 'book' was created with pages from the Treasury book.
 More pockets....
 Little envelope with a small journaling book...'The Gold-Digger's Life'...
 Journal pages and postcards.
 Journaling opportunities....
 Did I mention tuck spots and journaling cards? Bookmarks and postcards?
 Here we are on the last spread... On the left is a torn picture pocket containing a decorated envelope. On the right is a fabric bellyband housing another envelope stuffed with snippets and articles from the Treasury book.
 I'm so happy with the look of this envelope!
 Interesting snippets from the Treasury.
 The little doily on the right is a tiny tuck spot.
 Love the envelope!
 More interesting articles from the Treasury.
 Here's a little journaling card in the tiny crochet pocket.

So, there you have it! So much fun to make!
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.
Sweet Blessings and thanks for viewing!


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