Sunday, April 30, 2017

Personalized Photo Mixed Media Collage

It's been a busy weekend! Just completed these mixed media lace collages. I used a simple photo sleeve, so you can slide in your picture of choice!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Personalized Wedding Album

Just listed in my Etsy shop.  SOLD
A KEEPSAKE ALBUM....For the Wedding of Your Dreams! or to show off family photos....
Album has five photo slots, 4x6". Just extract the vintage bride photo and insert your own.
Last page is a pocket page to keep sweet remembrances.

This album can easily double as a ring bearer pillow! Plenty of ribbons to tie on those rings!

Album measures approximately 12"x9"
Lots and lots of vintage laces, and some newer hand dyed laces too.
A keepsake album!

The front cover would make a great ring bearer pillow! Lots of vintage laces poking out, plus a beautiful antique lace cover!
 Side view shows some of the antique laces...
 Inside the front...first two pages. Photos slide in and out, just under the top trim.

 Last page is a large pocket, created with both new (hand dyed) and vintage laces.

A wedding card....

My niece married the love of her life last Saturday! They have been dating since they were 15! They took their time, both now 29 years old. She has her dream job as a labor and delivery nurse in the very hospital she was born in. He is a successful Sr Engineer in a tech company in San Jose.... Such a beautiful wedding and amazing venue!

Of course I had to make the wedding card myself. Found a lovely black and white photo of the couple, walking in Nature, taking time for a kiss. There was a natural opening, just off the path to the right and behind the couple. Perfect!

Perfect! Using Photoshop, I inserted a picture of my mom and dad (her grandparents) circa 1946, just before their wedding. Put a little halo around them, and it appears they are looking at and blessing their granddaughter and her finance.

This first card I gave to her mom and dad....
 This card went to the couple....
 So, I have to share two pics of the day.... my (baby) brother walking Kristen down the isle.
 The couple, taken from my seated vantage point.
Such an amazing day!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Edwardian Needle Keep pattern is now available!

I love sewing. I love collage. I love sewing tools. I love digital art and collage. And, I love sharing my creative joys! Thus, just finished, is my latest pattern: Edwardian Needle Case!

Full of beautiful color pictures, 50 of them! Hopefully you will be inspired. The digital PDF copy is available for immediate down load in my Etsy Shop, HERE.

The completed Needle Keep....
 The centerfold, tool belt supporting my sewing tools and needles.

I had so much fun designing the cover for the pattern!
 Here are the supplies needed....

 And a little inspiration...

You can have the complete pattern, 50 photos, immediately downloaded HERE.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Eye Candy Warning.... more laces!

Just back from a quick trip up north to Chico to visit my friend Pastor Dave. His wife was an avid collector of anything primitive, shabby chic, and had an extensive collection of linens and laces. I had to leave, I mean get-out-of-there! after a few hours of hunting and gathering. Came home with several boxes and a suitcase stuffed with delicious eye candy! Some of this lace I've never seen before! Just exquisite, just beautiful. Here's a tease....

Friday, April 7, 2017

Off to Chico on a lace hunt! LOTS OF EYE CANDY IN THIS POST!

An long time crafty friend passed away a few years ago. Her husband has invited me to look through her vast collection of laces! Here's what I purchased from him in February! I'm taking off for a weekend in Chico to see what's left. He said, 'this is only the tip of the iceberg!' Can you imagine how excited I am?

I took a 'work retreat' up to our timeshare at Clear Lake, in Northern California, to pick through the laces, plus work on my book 'What to do with Grandma's Laces.' Huge kitchen made it easy to soak, clean, look through these amazing laces! I'll tell you my stain removing technique in a later post. Here are the laces drying in the sun. I would have dried them on the grass, but there were way too many ducks, leaving behind you-know-what!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Welcome to my new blog: Grandma's Laces! I hope you'll enjoy the pictures and stories that will be posted here.

To start off: here is the cover for the pattern I've been creating to be included in my book: What to do With Grandma's Laces.  I'll be teaching this class at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa early next month.

Squared Wallpaper Junk Journal with LOTS of journaling pages!

Wallpaper Journal measures approximately 7x7", three signatures, 16 pages each (48 total), 8 wallpaper envelopes stuffed with wallpaper...