Monday, May 21, 2018

Fairies in my Garden...a CHUNKY lace and fabric book!

FAIRIES IN MY GARDEN is a CHUNKY mixed media lace and fabric book. Chock full of fun laces and trims. Venise lace appliqués and trims were hand painted by me. NINE decorated pages, and a lovely lace framed cabbage rose on the back side.

For sale in my Etsy Shop.

Lots of pockets throughout this lovely book! Created with lots of vintage crochet doilies.

Book measures a chunky 10"x10"... filled with antique and vintage fabrics, and it weighs almost 2 pounds! It just feels so good in the hand.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Posting THREE New Lace Books today....

Please continue to scroll through today's posts to see some fabulous EYE CANDY!

This is a sweet mixed media lace book honoring the works of Jane Austen...
Enjoy the pictures!

Sweet Mixed Media Fabric Book: Girls & their Dollies

Such a sweet sentiment...Little Girls and their Dollies....
Here is some LACY EYE CANDY!! Finally dug deep into my stash and used these amazing laces for this little book.
 The cover is made from an antique silk quilt. I placed a very fine netting over the silk to protect it. Notice the sweet Frozen Charlotte on the front cover.

 Layers and layers of authentic ANTIQUE LACES!


Both the journal and treasure box are listed as one item.  Find it on my Etsy HERE . Here are my Youtube videos showing each and every jour...