Friday, April 7, 2017

Off to Chico on a lace hunt! LOTS OF EYE CANDY IN THIS POST!

An long time crafty friend passed away a few years ago. Her husband has invited me to look through her vast collection of laces! Here's what I purchased from him in February! I'm taking off for a weekend in Chico to see what's left. He said, 'this is only the tip of the iceberg!' Can you imagine how excited I am?

I took a 'work retreat' up to our timeshare at Clear Lake, in Northern California, to pick through the laces, plus work on my book 'What to do with Grandma's Laces.' Huge kitchen made it easy to soak, clean, look through these amazing laces! I'll tell you my stain removing technique in a later post. Here are the laces drying in the sun. I would have dried them on the grass, but there were way too many ducks, leaving behind you-know-what!!

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