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Happy Couples Keepsake Memory Book

Happy Couples Wedding, Relationship, Keepsake Memory Book


Unique, Personalized, Created Just for You

Perfect gift for Commitment Ceremony, Wedding, Anniversary.

Available in my Etsy Shop...HERE

First, many happy, happy blessings to you and your loved one. It is so beautiful how you met, nurtured each other through hard times and good times, and now are embarking on a joyful journey.

This journal will be specially made, with YOUR photos and YOUR names. Included are many interactive processes to practice with your partner...taking you deeper into your love. This includes 'Date Night Cards', Love Coupons, Relationship Gratitude Journal, the Appreciation Game with a Rose Quartz heart, and Co-Commitments for a Happy Relationship.


Through the years I’ve made many lacy wedding albums, keepsake books, and bridal journals... but often, folks have already had the full-on white wedding experience. But many folks are entering a second marriage, or commitment... so it often doesn't feel right, using all the white antique wedding laces, trims, pearls, papers, etc.  

So, it took me a few weeks to design this Wedding Keepsake Book in a NATURE theme! It just felt right.


Like my traditional wedding books, you’ll find MANY pockets to tuck in cards, notes, ephemera, photos you may want to keep.  


You’ll also find a number of interactive opportunities. These are fun processes that I’ve collected (and reinvented) for many years.  My husband and I practiced many of these processes over the last thirty years.  Of them all, it is the Appreciation Game that has been the most beneficial.  We still practice this at family dinners, Thanksgiving, etc. 


I’ve also included a page called Co-Commitments for a Happy Marriage, by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks.  Their book Conscious Loving, I highly recommend. Or you can find lots of info on their website.  My husband and I actually used these commitments in our marriage vows!  Hope you enjoy the essence of Conscious Loving!


Note: Most of the digital graphics are from several Ukraine artists on Etsy.  Just a small way we can support them.

The following photos are from my most recent Wedding Keepsake Book. Your book will feature photos of both of you and will include what you see below. Each book will be unique and individual to you.

Front cover, fabric wrapped cover with applique leaf and fibers. Tied with a unique fiber tie.

Two Signatures, each can be removed and expanded.

.Inside cover...your photo will be here...plus, you can have your names appear under the 'This is Us' sign.
.Inside pockets with love coupons.  Your photo can appear behind the heart shaped ivy.
.A few pockets to store your memories.
Plenty of pages to journal on.
.Forrest floor tuck spots for more gift certificates, or your photos?

.The craft paper envelope contains your date night cards.

.Big pockets for your memories.

.A 'belly band' on the right side contains a small envelope with your Rose Quartz Heart used in your Appreciation Game.

.More pockets and writing space.

.The envelope on the right contains your 'Co-Commitments for a Happy Relationship'

.Another space to store memories and/or photos.

.More pockets

.Fun graphics with more pockets. 
.Closeup of envelope.
.Back side of envelope.
.This is the little Relationship Gratitude journal.
.Two sets of Date Night Cards.
.An empty envelope for your treasures.

.Sample of outside wrapper.

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