Friday, November 18, 2022

Wall Paper Junk Journal....

 Here she is... a journal created with 100% vintage wall paper and wall paper digitals. Oh... also a few envelopes created with a vintage botanical calendar page.

Three signatures, measures approximately 9.5x6", with a 2.5" spine. But the book flares open to about 4-5".

Many pages are trimmed with laces.

I loved making these 'cluster' envelopes with the leftover off-cuts. Perfect for a tuck spot. This book is full of envelopes, and way too many tags to count!
Pockets and bellyband, with yet another wallpaper envelope.

pockets and tuck spot

One of several fold out pages. You can decorate as you wish.

This just feels and looks so YUMMY!
Another envelope cluster on the left and two decorated wallpaper envelopes on the right.

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