Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A wedding card....

My niece married the love of her life last Saturday! They have been dating since they were 15! They took their time, both now 29 years old. She has her dream job as a labor and delivery nurse in the very hospital she was born in. He is a successful Sr Engineer in a tech company in San Jose.... Such a beautiful wedding and amazing venue!

Of course I had to make the wedding card myself. Found a lovely black and white photo of the couple, walking in Nature, taking time for a kiss. There was a natural opening, just off the path to the right and behind the couple. Perfect!

Perfect! Using Photoshop, I inserted a picture of my mom and dad (her grandparents) circa 1946, just before their wedding. Put a little halo around them, and it appears they are looking at and blessing their granddaughter and her finance.

This first card I gave to her mom and dad....
 This card went to the couple....
 So, I have to share two pics of the day.... my (baby) brother walking Kristen down the isle.
 The couple, taken from my seated vantage point.
Such an amazing day!

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