Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Nature's Journal

Whew! This is probably the largest journal I've ever made!  Nature's Journal measures a very generous 9.5" x 6.5h" with a full 3" spine.  For SALE in my ETSY SHOP HERE.

Her cover is created with a designer wallpaper, and embellished by a designer fabric fussy-cut leaf. The tassel on the spine and the loose yarn closure augment the look. Leaf, wallpaper, and yarns all came from the fabulous FABMO!  FABMO up-cycles designer fabrics, papers, and tiles...saving them from the landfills!
Here's how it looks from the side.
Removable tassel embellishes the spine. Looks great standing up.
Here's a closeup of the embroidered fabric leaf.
Inside the front cover you can see the organic looking vinyl wallpaper. On the right is the first of many pockets and tags.
The leaves on the right side are also a tuck spot.  Most of the leaves in this journal are from Etsy's 'Poppiness' digitals created by Susan Brown....'Forest Floor Eco Prints.'
On the right you see the lined forest green writing paper.
Below is a cute corner tuck spot....
And...the tuck spot flips up with more writing spaces.
The belly-band and pocket were created with more of that organic looking vinyl wallpaper.

Cute little bag on the side was made using vellum, with more Forest Floor leaves.
Below is one of the paperclip clusters acting as a tuck spot for another little bag.
A few tribal charms seemed to work here.  I still have quite a few tribal charms left over from my Spirit Doll days. See my How to Create a Spirit Doll book HERE.
Tags, tuck spots, embellished paperclip.

Here's one of the two flip out pages.
FILLED with journaling tags.  All the tags are finished, front and back.
Here is a larger see through bag, not attached to the journal other than the little clamp.
These Forest Floor leaves worked PERFECTLY as tuck spots!

I love the way light is reflected on this leaf. A simple belly band with a mini file folder.
I LOVE the way this Forrest Floor leaf looks with some of the shabby yarn underneath. This is a tall folio with more tags and writing spaces.

The other flip out page.
Printed vellum made for sweet 'see through' pockets.

I think these too leaves work well together.
Flower and leaf decorate another paperclip tuck.

Each of the three signatures are contained with the organic looking vinyl wallpaper.

A nod to Edith Holden. 
These two leaves look so 'natural' here.

You are seeing another paperclip cluster with a little envelope tucked in. On the lower right is a bankbook style tag holder.

Below on the right is a double flip out folio, FILLED with tags and plenty of journaling spaces.
Here is the folio, on the back page.

Here are the Etsy sites...
Alpine Flora from JunkWithSteph
Forest Floor and ECO Print Papers from Poppiness
Boho Junk Journal Pages and Botanical Pages from DigitalHobbyHelper
Into the Woods from TaylorMadeJournals
Fabrics, Wallpapers, Yarns...up-cycle by FABMO *note: currently they are pickup locally, but they also have an eBay presence.

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